SA-4 model  


Stephen Cole
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11/01/2018 4:49 pm  

I went to the Hobby Works store in Fairfax and picked up the last remaining SA-4 model at a 30% discount, I have one already but in the event one of you want one it is a steal -(Robert)-!   I will sell it to anyone in the group for my cost including tax $112.00.  Normal price is $149.99 plus tax about $157.00.  My only request is the buyers permission to open the kit to make a copy of part of the decal sheet.


If you want it let me know and bring used, unmarked, non-sequencial bills and we'll make a deal!!!


Otherwise, I will put up on e-bay after next month's meeting.


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Radar Radford
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10/08/2018 8:19 pm